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Find the key to a healthy, personalized menu.

How to improve your general sense of well-being by eating? How to lose weight without the yo-yo effect?
How to not be deceived by product labels and buy wholesome products?
How and what to eat to quickly achieve your training goal?


Dietary advice

What to eat to be healthy, have more energy and achieve your training goal quickly.

Innovative diagnostics

We will help you find the source of your problems.


Marzena Rypina, MD, PhD

Our organism is the most perfect of all mechanisms. You just have to provide the right fuel for it to work without fail.


Marzena Rypina – MD, PhD

dietitian, supervisor of the Health Institute and Nutrition Clinic in ProVita Wellness Hotel. Specialist of traditional Chinese medicine and herbal medicine

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We will help you find the source of your problems.


Do you lack energy, feel overwhelmed by stress and constantly tired? You have no time to check the state of your health?

At ProVita Wellness Hotel you will relax and simultaneously take care of your health.
You don’t have to go anywhere in order to do that.